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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mass. Lawmakers Reject Gay Marriage Ban

Why bother rejecting gay marriage constitutions? Many places have already accepted them, and eventually all of these placess like massachesetts will have to accept them...all they are doing is creating havoc and conflict that is not needed.


BOSTON (AP) - The Massachusetts Legislature on Wednesday rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that sought to ban gay marriage but legalize civil unions, a year after the state performed the nation's first government-sanctioned same-sex weddings.

It was the second time the Legislature had confronted the measure, which was intended to be put before voters on a statewide ballot in 2006. Under state law, lawmakers were required to approve it in two consecutive sessions before it could move forward.

After less than two hours of debate Wednesday, a joint session of the House and Senate voted 157-39 against the measure.

It was a striking departure from a year earlier, when hundreds of protesters converged on Beacon Hill and sharply divided legislators spent long hours debating the issue. In that session, in March 2004, lawmakers voted 105-92 in favor of the amendment.

This year, the crowds were tamer and some legislators who had initially supported the proposed change to the state constitution said they no longer felt right about denying the right of marriage to thousands of same-sex couples.

"Gay marriage has begun, and life has not changed for the citizens of the commonwealth, with the exception of those who can now marry," said state Sen. Brian Lees, a Republican who had been a co-sponsor of the amendment. "This amendment which was an appropriate measure or compromise a year ago, is no longer, I feel, a compromise today."

The proposal also was opposed by critics of gay marriage, who want to push for a more restrictive measure.

"The union of two women and two men can never consummate a marriage. It's physically impossible," said state Rep. Phil Travis, a Democrat. "The other 49 states are right and we are wrong."

Lawmakers already are preparing for a battle over another proposed amendment that would ban both gay marriage and civil unions. The earliest that initiative could end up on the ballot is 2008.

The state's highest court ruled in November 2003 that same-sex couples had a right under the state constitution to marry. The first weddings took place on May 17, 2004 - two months after lawmakers began the process of trying to change the constitution to reverse the court's ruling.

Since then, more than 6,100 couples have married.

Within a year of the first Massachusetts marriages, 11 states pushed through constitutional amendments banning gay marriage, joining six others that had done so earlier.

The Connecticut Legislature approved civil unions in April, joining Vermont in creating the designation that creates the same legal rights as marriage without calling it such. Earlier this month, California lawmakers passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage, though Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has promised to veto it.

Although more than 6,100 same-sex couples were married in Massachusetts, the state barred out-of-state couples from getting married here, citing a 1913 law that prohibits couples from marrying in Massachusetts if their union would be illegal in their home states. A lawsuit challenging the legality of that law is pending before the SJC.


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Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Trouble with Canada

I found this a very interesting read..

by Klaus RohrichSaturday, September 10, 2005
I remember as a young man in a college philosophy class being handed a slip of paper with the following written on it: “The statement on the other side of this paper is true”. When I turned it over it said “the statement on the other side of this paper is false”. The reason I thought of this tautology was because I recently read a statement by my local Member of Parliament who offered his commentary on the New Orleans hurricane disaster.
As a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, my MP made sure that the first thing he did was bash George W. Bush and criticize him for being “slow to react” to the needs of hurricane Katrina’s victims. According to him, Bush should have personally jumped out of Air Force One and set about saving lives.
He also talked about emergency preparedness and how important it was for governments to be ready for any eventuality, the implication being that as Canadians we would handle such an emergency better.
He rounded off his tirade with a rather curious comment. He claimed that governments need to be more prepared due to the impending severe changes in climate that bring about catastrophic events such as hurricane Katrina and last December’s tsunami.
Now I could be wrong, as anything is possible, but I’m pretty sure that the tsunami came about as a result of an earthquake, which if I remember my high school geology class, is brought about by a shift in the earth’s tectonic plates and not global warming.
Could it be that my member of parliament is less than brilliant?
Given the quality of governance Canadians have enjoyed these past 12 years, it’s a foregone conclusion. The old saying that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones applies in a big way here, considering how poorly the government of Canada reacted to the ice storm that struck on January 10, 1998. And while this event doesn’t rank at the same level of severity as hurricane Katrina or the Indonesian tsunami in loss of lives, it still took the government well over a month to deal with it. In fact there were 700,000 estimated households in Quebec and eastern Ontario that remained without hydroelectric power for over 3 weeks. This couldn’t be called a timely reaction by any standard, except perhaps, by the Liberal Party, who I’m sure are convinced that they can do no wrong.
My member of parliament represents a microcosm of what Canadian politics is all about, and I believe this goes for all sides of the isle as the Conservatives, the NDP and the Bloc are all at about the same level of competence and trustworthiness as are the Liberals. For openers, all our politicians, no matter what color their party membership card might happen to be, are squeamish about the truth. It’s as if the truth were something to mince and flavor, like liver or Brussels sprouts. Because there is such an aversion to the truth on the part of all our politicians, one can never have an open or honest debate about any issue.
If you have to take a catastrophe like the Boxing Day tsunami and ascribe it to global climate change because that happens to be the government’s agenda, then you do so with a straight face, assuming that there isn’t anyone who knows the difference anyway. If you have to take a catastrophe like the New Orleans floods and lie to make President Bush look bad, then it’s fair game because it makes for good headlines. Besides, the majority of Canadians don’t know that in the U.S. the first reaction in a disaster is the legal responsibility of the municipal and state authorities and not the federal government
I am finally beginning to understand why Canadians keep voting for the Liberals year after year; it’s because our political landscape has all the excitement and diversity of a 1956-era Russian hardware store. The thing is, you’d better get used to the status quo, because what you see is what you’re going to get for all eternity

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Demorcrats must defend the Working Class

The working class has been a major supporter of the Democratic Party through the years and is now under fire because of millions of jobs being outsourced every year , health benefits being cut and raises being constantly put on hold . Not to mention the millions of former workers who had their jobs vanish from them who are either still unemployed or unemployed since Bush took office .Up to this point , the major leaders of the Democratic Party haven't shown any spunk in defending workers rights . They have stood silently while the gut of the working class has been gutted out by the Bushites . This has got to change if the Democrats are to have any hope in regaining the White House again .Those who want to work in America should be able to . Jobs must be created so that all Americans can live the American Dream not just the chosen few .Democrats must step forward to regain the trust and respect of the working class .If , they don't , all will be lost again and the Democratic leaders will only have themselves to blame

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Sunday, September 04, 2005


In the aftermath of the hurricane in New Orleans, much looting has occurred. Some of that "so-called" looting may not be looting at all. Maybe people are desperate for toilet paper, shoes, fresh water, food, and all of the things that Bush's government should have provided but failed to provide?Bush blew it, and people are dying and suffering as a result.If we aren't prepared for a predictable (albiet large) hurricane, how can we be prepared for an al Qaeda attack?Where did the billions of dollars spent on disaster relief go? Also FEMA is spending about $1/2 billion per day. And Congress is initially providing over $10 billion.
And looting for food is one thing -- looting pawn shops and Wal-Mart for guns is quite different -- and the NOPD is nowhere to be found it seems ... It took about a week to get aid for the Florida hurricanes -- and FEMA was in NO at about the 72 hour mark. BTW, the force of a hurricane is the equivalent of a many megaton bomb -- Nature is quite powerful. And the part of the canal levee which failed was brand-new and up to the new codes -- predicting its failure was not in the cards.

New initiative from the tories

We are hearing so much from the Tories about this new initiative to provide Tax breaks for the people, who are using public transit system. However, this is actually an NDP agenda, which the Tories pocketed for themselves. Can they not come up with something, which is unique to them other than copying us? The answer would be, "No!"

A government led by the Tories would be so devastating. Therefore, we need to stand up against it. Atleast vote for the liberals to stop the tories from coming to power.

Bush and Cheney should Resign

If they refuse, then they ought to be booted. Certainly, any one of us would lose our jobs faster than a New York Minute if we demonstrated the ineptitude of Bush. Any other chief executive would be shown the door for demonstrating such a level of incompetence during a crisis on any level, be it corporate, military, college, church or government on local and state levels. So why should the federal government be any different? The Bush-Cheney administration must resign. If they refuse, they should be arrested and forcibly removed from office, and then brought to trial for their criminal incompetence.These people are absolutely horrible

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Left Wing Youth taking a stand

MOSCOW, August 24 (RIA Novosti) - Several left-wing youth organizations in Moscow are about to form an alliance to create a stronger opposition to the pro-government camp, a prominent member of one such organization said Wednesday.
Oleg Bondarenko, a special projects coordinator for the Rodina bloc, said the new alliance, United Youth League, was aimed at counterbalancing the growing clout of pro-Kremlin political movements such as Oborona and Nashi. He said the league would campaign for the restoration of social guarantees for young people, including free education and healthcare, and a draft deferment for full-time college students working toward a degree.
Along with Rodina, the league will incorporate the youth branches of the Russian Communist Party (known locally by the acronym KPRF) and the National Bolshevik Party (NBP), as well as the movement known as the Red Youth Avant-Garde. All the constituent parties will enjoy equal rights.
Bondarenko said the alliance had already planned a series of "spectacular and radical" events to be held in the near future.
Rodina activists spent some time this summer in a youth camp in western Ukraine, studying the techniques used to bring about the Orange Revolution. Bondarenko said he and his associates did not approve of the revolution, but could employ some of its strategies in their own campaigns, including for election to Moscow's parliament. He assured, however, that future rallies by his and other left-wing youth organizations would not be subversive.